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Bottling – Beverage Conveying and Filling

Bottling – Beverage Conveying and Filling

IRP Engineering Plastics products for Bottling and Beverage Filling
IRP Engineering Plastics produce and stock a broad selection of conveyor components that service and supply the bottling and beverage filling industry.

Our range of conveyor components include : stainless steel & plastic slatband chains, guide rail systems, sprockets & idlers, modular belting, bends & straight tracks and specialized machined components including bottle feed equipment.
Line efficiency
Smooth container flow at high speeds is essential to increase line efficiency and preventing product damage. Especially when moving from multiple to single lanes or the reverse, the gentle slide of bottles across ultra-flat, highly polished and flat chains can contribute significantly to the quality and efficiency of your beverage production line.

Applications in beverage
IRP Engineering Plastics produce and supply conveyor components that cover a wide variety of applications like: general conveying of glass bottles one-way and return, PET bottles and other plastic containers, jars, cans 2- and 3-piece, crates, plastic containers, boxes, shrink-wrapped packages.

Product Portfolio
IRP offers a comprehensive range of conveyor components for the bottling and beverage industry which include :