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IRP’s Innovative Wear & Maintenance Forecasting System

IRP’s Innovative Wear & Maintenance Forecasting System

IRP are committed to providing the latest technology and services that will give their customers superior added value when dealing with IRP Engineering Plastics

IRP have invested in a custom developed Wear and Maintenance Forecasting System that will add huge value to our service of providing a solution to monitoring and forecasting the lifespan and wear life of our chains and belting ranges. This system will have capabilities to forecast the wear of the chain and belt in the current condition and will give IRP and its customers the advantage of letting the right people know how the chain or belt is performing, how long the chain or belt is going to last in the current conditions it running in and will give an indication of when the replacement of the chain or belt and maintenance of the conveyor line should take place, leaving less margin for breakdown scenarios.

How it works

Job Processing and Recording

The initial set up and information is taken and recorded when the order for chain or belting is placed by the customer.  This is then transformed into a jobcard where all the particulars like length, chain / belt type, material, standard thickness, dates and any other specifications are recorded. All information will be linked to the conveyor motor number which is used for reference on the line. Once this capturing is complete the system is configured to automatically notify the technical manager and sales rep after a 3 month period for a wear status check-up.

Wear status check-up

After the 3 month period has elapsed from the job entry a notification of a wear status check-up is received, the technical manager and sales rep will then make arrangements with the line manager or contact person to schedule a time were an onsite measurement of the chain or belt can be done measuring thickness, pitch and overall condition of the chain or belt.

Wear, condition and maintenance forecasting

This data is then entered in the system as a wear status follow up and IRP’s innovative Wear and Maintenance system will then use this data from the initial 3 month on-site wear status check-up and will automatically forecast over a 6, 12, 18 and 24 months period the possible condition and wear of the chain or belt, the system will then indicate and forecast when the chain or belt will be needing to be replaced. The system will be set up that the technical manager and sales rep will be notified of the chain / belt replacement date and will be set to notify them with a 3 month in advance warning. This information will always forwarded to the relevant line manager or contact person. This gives IRP and its customers the advantage by giving the line managers and contact persons a schedule of when maintenance can be implemented and will prevent unnecessary breakdowns as stock of these chains and belts can be on hand a ready for when the system has notified for the chain and belt replacement.